Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Does Governor Beshear Need An Exorcism?

And you thought the Grammy Awards this year were creepy with all of the satanic references in Katy Perry's and Beyonce's performances, now comes the state of the union address.  We thought it must have been extemporaneous when President Obama called Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear "possessed" about Obamacare, but no, lo and behold, that bizarre verb was right there on the teleprompter.  Only an administration profoundly deaf to religion would misappropriate such a horrendous word to give what we think was intended to be a compliment.  We aren't fans of Obamacare, but even we wouldn't stoop so far as to call someone "possessed" who supports it.  But, we suppose, it's refreshing for the architect of the (un)Affordable Care Act to acknowledge the devil of a time it is inflicting on America.