Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go Inhale Some Bus Fumes

The David Williams - Richie Farmer bus tour kicks off tomorrow, April 28 at 10:30 from the Louisville Republican Headquarters, 4710 Champions Trace. It's directly behind the Super Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory at the old Bashford Manor Mall.

If Williams - Farmer really want to reach out to the state, I hope it's a pontoon bus.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mitch (Daniels) Watch

There is speculation that Haley Barbour's decision not to run for president may be a signal that Gov. Mitch Daniels will run.

The New York Times via HotAir quotes a confidant of Daniels that the Indiana governor is now 60-70 percent likely to run.

Daniels previously said that if Barbour ran, he'd be inclined to help Barbour rather than run against him. So Barbour's surprise announcement that he will not seek the Republican nomination for president helps things fall in place for those of us who back Daniels as the voice of conservative competence.

It's been hard to watch Daniels from across the river, one state away, and envy the citizens of Indiana for their smart, effective governor. Perhaps there is hope that we can get him for president.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Guest List Leans Right

The guest list of the royal wedding hints of a bias in favor of conservative prime ministers over liberals.

Invited to see Kate and Wills wed:

Conservative former prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. (Thatcher declined due to poor health.)

Snubbed from the nuptials:

Former prime ministers from the Labor Party, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Recall that Blair referred to Bill Clinton as his "political soulmate."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sen. Mike Johanns Gives GOP Address on Jobs

Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) gives this week's Republican address. Click here for the video. Johanns reminds us that the debate on the size of government and the debt is inextricably linked to job creation:

My Republican colleagues and I will continue to push for a scaled back government that allows the enterprising American spirit to create a prosperous economy that benefits everyone. That means reining in spending, reducing the deficit, eliminating red tape that holds businesses back. It is clearly time for government to get out of the way. Our small businesses will respond with innovation and job creation.

Democrats complain that Republicans have failed to make good on their promise to create jobs and have instead become fixated on government spending. As Johanns makes clear, however, that is a false distinction. It is the private sector that will create the jobs, and that cannot happen until government stops hogging the capital.

Beshear Ad Gets Disclaimer

Gov. Steve Beshear's radio spot on the Louisville Christian radio station, WJIE, now comes with a disclaimer from the station. Immediately preceding the ad, an announcer states that the following ad "does not necessarily reflect the views" of WJIE.

I have listened to this station for years and do not recall anything similar. Then again, it is not a station on which Democrats typically advertise.

WJIE is financed in large part from listener contributions. It's a socially conservative station that targets a socially conservative audience: the dreaded "religious right."

Apparently enough members in that audience, and perhaps some of the WJIE staff, did not appreciate Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear touting her husbands religious bona fides as he runs for reelection.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why is Steve Beshear Advertising Now?

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has no primary, and yet he is campaigning like his electoral fate will be decided in weeks, rather than seven months.

This morning during the expensive a.m. drive-time block,, WJIE, a Christian radio station in Louisville, played a campaign ad by Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear, who emphasized that Beshear is the son and grand-son of preachers. It was a bald appeal to the religious right.

Yesterday, Attorney General Jack Conway sent out an email behalf touting Beshear. It was an odd choice of an endorsement, given the shellacking Conway took from Rand Paul last November. Again, the timing is odd. If Beshear wants Conway to campaign for him (frankly, I'm not sure why he would), why do it now?

Republicans have a three-way primary for governor next month. Perhaps Beshear is attempting to influence the turnout and hence the outcome of the Republican primary.

Or maybe he feels the need to rehabilitate himself after the utterly useless special session that just ended under his trademark void of leadership.

Or Beshear senses that the religious right may be in play given allegations that David Williams likes to gamble and Richie Farmer's wife filing for divorce yesterday.

But the fact still remains: Beshear does not face an election for another half-year. It looks to me like he's just wasting money at this early juncture.

Prayers for Rep. Bunch

Kentucky Rep. Dewayne Bunch was critically injured breaking up a fight between two students at the high school where he teaches in Whitley County.

Bunch, age 49, was flown to UK Medical Center this morning, according to the Courier-Journal. Emergency workers found him unresponsive and bleeding from his ears. He is in extremely critical condition.

The House Republican Caucus issued the following statement from Rep. Jeff Hoover:

“On behalf of the Kentucky House Republican Caucus, we want to offer our thoughts and prayers for Rep. Bunch, his family, friends, co-workers, and constituents as we await further word on his condition and the prognosis on his recovery. Dewayne is an outstanding legislator and is passionate about education, not only in his native Whitley County but the entire Commonwealth.

All we know thus far regarding the details surrounding Rep. Bunch’s injury is what has been reported in the press. While we await more information regarding Rep. Bunch’s condition, we do ask the media to give the Bunch family privacy as they deal with this ongoing situation. We will not be commenting publicly as to any details regarding Dewayne’s situation. All of us in the House Republican Caucus will continue to pray for Dewayne and his family, and for the physicians and medical personnel treating him that he will make a speedy recovery.”

Please keep Rep. Bunch and his family in your prayers.