Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prayers for Rep. Bunch

Kentucky Rep. Dewayne Bunch was critically injured breaking up a fight between two students at the high school where he teaches in Whitley County.

Bunch, age 49, was flown to UK Medical Center this morning, according to the Courier-Journal. Emergency workers found him unresponsive and bleeding from his ears. He is in extremely critical condition.

The House Republican Caucus issued the following statement from Rep. Jeff Hoover:

“On behalf of the Kentucky House Republican Caucus, we want to offer our thoughts and prayers for Rep. Bunch, his family, friends, co-workers, and constituents as we await further word on his condition and the prognosis on his recovery. Dewayne is an outstanding legislator and is passionate about education, not only in his native Whitley County but the entire Commonwealth.

All we know thus far regarding the details surrounding Rep. Bunch’s injury is what has been reported in the press. While we await more information regarding Rep. Bunch’s condition, we do ask the media to give the Bunch family privacy as they deal with this ongoing situation. We will not be commenting publicly as to any details regarding Dewayne’s situation. All of us in the House Republican Caucus will continue to pray for Dewayne and his family, and for the physicians and medical personnel treating him that he will make a speedy recovery.”

Please keep Rep. Bunch and his family in your prayers.

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