Wednesday, January 14, 2009

President-Elect Obama's Inauguration To Produce "State of Emergency", President Bush Declares

What a hoot! President Bush has been forced to declare a "state of emergency" in order to pay expenses related to the excesses of President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration. The UK's Daily Mail explains:

As the Obama team went into damage control over Geither, President Bush declared a state of emergency in Washington - because so many people were expected to attend the inauguration.

A president mostly uses the power to declare a state of emergency during a crisis, such as a hurricane or other natural disaster.

The bulk of the cost for the event will be on security with more than 10,000 police and troops forming a ring of steel around Washington DC.
Obama has managed to raise £30m towards the cost of the event with a host of Hollywood stars, including Sharon Stone and Halle Berry, contributing the maximum amount of £33,000.

His money will fund many of the extravagant balls and also for giant TV screens to be placed along The Mall to allow visitors to witness the historic moment when America swears in its first black president.
A spokesman for Obama said they wanted as many people as possible to be able to witness the event.
But it will be the US taxpayer who picks up the main part of the bill to cover security and transport costs.
Officials in Washington DC and neighbouring states have sent a request to Congress for £50m to cover a variety of inaugural costs.
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The Intellectual Redneck said...

The Media continues to smooch Obama's butt
Time magazine is putting Barack Obama on the cover for the 15th time. You can see the covers here. This level of coverage is unprecedented. If the editors of Time were poodles, they would be humping Obama's leg. Now, the final insult has occurred. ESPN is broadcasting Obama's inauguration. We won't even be able to turn the channel to sports on inauguration day.