Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deconstruct This

We knew the lefties are into deconstructionism, but check out Michael Shaw at the Huffington Post for its peculiar application to the picture above:

Regarding the photo itself, it is interesting how it reveals a polarization with the two right-wingers, with [Senate Republican Leader Mitch] McConnell and [Chief Justice John] Roberts lined up and balancing off the left half of the photo while [President] Obama and the waiter carry the other half. I'm hesitant to put too much weight on the racial split (although there was a joke going around during and right after the election -- among blacks, mostly, as far as I could tell -- that the black candidate was being brought in to clean up the white man's mess). Where there is a definitive parallel between Obama and the waiter, however, is in the way Obama -- in physically and socially extending himself to the Minority Leader -- finds himself in the catering mode.

Obama catering to the right? If only it were so.

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