Monday, April 13, 2009

Kentucky Vote Fraud Case Gets National Attention

Townhall has linked an article about prosecution of political "bosses" in southeastern Kentucky who allegedly bought votes. It begins,

Folks in this hardscrabble town tucked into the Appalachian hills don't seem to have much hope when they talk about the latest bunch of officials accused of masterminding crooked county elections.

Residents say votes could be bought for years, underscored by the March indictment of eight officials accused of rigging elections in Clay County. Federal prosecutors say they were part of a scheme to extort undisclosed amounts of cash allegedly used to bribe voters at the polls.

There are hints of optimism that the feds could clean up a long-standing tradition of corruption in this impoverished nook of southeastern Kentucky, some 95 miles south of Lexington, where people struggling to pay the bills and find good jobs were easy targets for vote-buying. For now, disgust abounds.

It's a fairly lengthy article which nonetheless fails to note the party affiliation of any of the defendants. How to explain that glaring omission?

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