Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sen. Harry Reid, Bill Killer

Sen. Harry Reid has always reminded me of a mortician. Perhaps it's all his talk about every Republican bill being "dead on arrival" in the Senate. It's hard to reconcile Reid's language of killing bills -- and his act of tabling the Boehner bill last night -- with what Reid said earlier in the day:

  • "Time is short, and too much is at stake to waste even one more minute."
  • ”We have hours - I repeat, hours - to act.hat is why, by the end of the day today, I must take action...”
Or what he said the day before:

  • "The bottom line though is this. There's only one bill in Congress that is a true compromise. We're running out of time."
Or what Reid said last week:

“Time is of the essence. We are running out of time…”

Odd, when he tabled the Boehner bill he didn't seem in any hurry.

The most maddening aspect of Reid tabling the Boehner bill is that it deprived the country of an opportunity to watch Democrats go on the record.  Give the bill an up or down vote so that we can know with certainty which Democrats will not support a balanced budget amendment and draft candidates to replace them.

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