Thursday, September 1, 2011

Critique of Obama's Speech to Congress

The great thing about critiquing Obama's speeches is that you do not have to hear them first, because they are all basically the same. By now we could give them ourselves, except for we could never match his skill with a teleprompter. So, here is a critique of next week's speech to the joint session of Congress. The speech will contain the following:

1. He will eloquently pour forth much high sounding language that means nothing. He will be very articulate and use wonderful cadence in doing this. Most of his words will be like pretty balloons, nice to watch as they float off into the air, but ultimately having no known destination.

2. Obama will blame the current economic situation on everyone and everything but himself. Following is partial list of who or what he will blame: George Bush, the European economic crisis, Hurricane Irene, George Bush, the Japanese sunami, the Tea Party, unrest in the Middle East, George Bush, China, the Republican Party, Wall Street, rich people, George Bush.

3. He will propose massive government expenditures on jobs stimulus that will be failures just like the first ones. They will be paid for by additional borrowing that will add to the burden of our crushing debt. He will talk about creating jobs, while proposing more things that will destroy jobs.

4. He will talk about bipartisanship and the need for Democrats and Republicans to come together for the good of the American people. He will say that we should be above partisan politics at this time of national crisis. What he really means by this is that Republicans should roll over and let his hyper-partisan politics carry the day.

5. At some point, he will tilt his head back, lift his nose in the air and in a condescending tone let us know that he is the adult in the room, that he is above the fray, a cool, calm and collected leader. It will be an admirable acting job.

There you have it, no need to listen to it.

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