Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Editorial: Apple in Decline

Today Apple launched the iPhone 4s. This is the phone that we have been waiting for months to arrive. Every iPhone, besides the 4s, has been launched during the summer, so when that didn't happen this year, our suspense grew. We knew Apple must have needed extra time to make not just a smart phone, but a super phone. Today Apple let us down.

Every iPhone in the past has been cutting edge, so far ahead of the competition that by the time they have caught up, Apple is ready to launch a new iPhone, starting the process over. Unfortunately for Apple, that game doesn't work anymore. There are so many new phones constantly being launched that there is no way for Apple to continue this one year refresh cycle.

The iPhone 4s is a very nice phone, but it's not cutting edge, it's barley up there with many Android handsets. Sure, it has a dual core processor like many new Android phones, but it's missing something: 4G LTE. Is that such a big deal? Yes, when you live with it, you can never go back. Verizon's not joking when they make their claims about their 4G network. I ran a speed test on it, and it really is 10 times faster than 3G. 

I was waiting for the iPhone to "wow" me. This is what I wanted: 

Although I knew this would probably not be the next iPhone, I wanted something that would have current technology for eight months, but I'm guessing this will only be current for three months.

This was Apple's chance to take a free shot on all Android phones. This will hurt Android, but only temporarely, as it will only help Apple temorarly. Android market share will continue to climb, and Apple too, but only slightly. 

And to think Steve Jobs has only been gone one month! Apple is already missing him, and I am as well.

The iPhone 4s will not save iOS. Don't take my word for it, take the Apple investors' word, who chose to sell Apple stock on arguably the biggest day of the year for Apple. Apple closed at $372.5 today down .56%. At it's worst point of the day, Apple was down to $355.11, over 5% below it's opening price.

My advice: Don't spend the extra money to upgrade from an iPhone 4 to a 4s. 

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