Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Week, Another Primary

So, are you jazzed about today's primary in Michigan and Arizona? I am indifferent.

I will support the nominee, whoever he is.  I do not agree with Democrats and the Mainstream Media that the so-called fratricide is killing Republican chances. Anyone who thinks the Republican primary is ugyly, just wait until Team Obama starts spending its millions.  What we are watching now, that's the cartoon before main feature.

 I therefore dispute the notion that the primary is damaging the Republican brand. What is killing us is that neither of our front-runners is conservative.  To the contrary, the more that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum try to increase their conservative street cred, the phonier they look.

But even a phony conservative is better than our current state of affairs. I console myself with this thought whenever Mitt Romney regales us with how many Cadillacs Ann drives, and whenever Rick Santorum whines that he is holier than the Pope.  No, they are not my dream candidate. That would be Mitch Daniels.  The prospect of Mitch Daniels somehow getting nominated in a brokered convention is just that:  a fantasy.

Not gonna happen.

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