Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Madison Project Flunks KY Congressmen

The Madison Project has released its list of conservative poseurs, and the results for Kentucky are discouraging.  This grassroots project analyzes voting records of House of Representative members to determine whether those who ran as conservatives are actually voting as conservatives.

I pass along the list with the caveat that the methodology is not clear to me.  If anyone wants to take issue, have at it.

The "Hall of Shame" lists a number of Republicans who represent safe conservative districts and yet, according to the Madison Project, vote in the mushy middle of the political spectrum.

To put the scores into perspective,
Here is a list of members who’s conservative ratings are dramatically underperforming in strong Republican districts or have scored a failing grade in swing districts. These are our pale-pastel politicians – the ones who blur the distinction between the parties.
 Members scoring 20 points or more below their conservative districts (defined as R+7 and above). There are 52 such members!:

In Kentucky's 1st Congressional District, Ed Whitfield gets a Madison Performance Index (MPI) of -- get this:  - 38.5.

In KY-5, Hal Rogers is not far behind with an MPI of  -38.

KY-2 Congressman, and perhaps future gubernatorial candidate Brett Guthrie's MPI is -32.

KY-4 Congressman Geoff Davis scored -23.5 on the MPI scale.

The Madison Project links to Sen. Rand Paul's first floor speech and also supports the candidacy of Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate in Indiana. I must admit I like the idea of holding conservatives accountable.

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