Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Chicken or the Egg?

Mr. Obama's recent statement about business people are not that smart, didn't do it themselves, or should not pat themselves on the back, is not accurate. He claims that business owners needed the assistance of the government to build the bridges, build the roads, and create the enviroment for business to suceed. When I heard our president speak these words I had to ask myself which came first the chicken or the egg?

May I suggest it was the egg.

What is government if not for the people that have to first pay the taxes so that government can govern. The kings of feudal days depended on the resources of the serfs working their fields. Roads and bridges were not built by the king until the crops were sold and homage paid so the king could build the roads.

As I recall, starting my business thirty years ago, I had previoulsy been in the work force for fifteen years (less two years for my service in the military) paying my taxes and paying my way through school. When I started my business I did not pay myself for three years to allow me to build my inventory. I can assure you I still paid my taxes.

Yes, I received benifits of the government but isn't the government people, fellow businessmen, fellow tax payers? It was not the adminstration that gave me these benifits but the hard working tax payers/businessmen that paved the way. Without businessmen, taxpayers, there can be no government or the  infrastructure that is needed for the sucess of all.

I feel very comfortable saying I did it myself.

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