Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC's Totalitarian Touch

The most clarifying moment at Thursday's convention did not occur in prime-time.  It wasn't the abortion-fest rant by Sandra Fluke. Or Elizabeth "Fauxahontas" Warren's tirade. Or even Bubba's 50 minute contribution to global warming.

It was the vote to reinsert God and Jerusalem back into the Democrats' platform.

It is hard to know which is worse, the form or the substance of the episode.

As to the form, it took three votes to declare the amendment to the platform passed. I say "declare the amendment passed" rather than "pass the amendment" because it is clear from the video that the amendment -- even on the third try -- never secured the two-thirds voice affirmation necessary to pass. Indeed, it did not even receive a majority vote, let alone two-thirds.

Nonetheless, the chair declared the amendment to be passed. By fiat. This wasn't democracy in any sense of the word. It was democracy in the style of a tyrant, worthy of Kim Jong Il or Joseph Stalin.

Then there is the matter of the substance. A majority of delegates at the Democratic National Convention oppose any reference to God in their platform, and similarly oppose the proposition that the capitol of Israel rightfully belongs in Jerusalem. It is worse than even a caricature of left-wing hostility to faith and Israel.

This is how out of touch with America's Judeo-Christian frame of reference the leaders of the Democratic Party have become.

I do not believe that most Democrats agree with dropping God and Jerusalem from the platform of their party.  To be sure, the delegates of either party will always be more ideological than the rank and file members. But this lurch left is nonetheless stunning.

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