Monday, January 21, 2013

McConnell Seated With Carter for Inaugural Lunch

Someone on the Inaugural Committee, or perhaps in the White House, figured out a way to torture Mitch McConnell. He and Secretary Chao will be seated with former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn at the lunch in  the Capitol following the ceremonial swearing-in.

This has to be excruciating for McConnell. The whole day will be a constant reminder that our team lost.  Sitting with the second worst president in the nations's history just makes it worse.

McConnell  did not overlap with Carter.  So there isn't any bad blood, just acute ideological differences.

Plainly, they can't talk politics. Religion  and sex would not work;  we don't want Carter to recall when he lusted in his heart.

Here's a topic.  McConnell can ask Carter if he has been attacked by any swimming rabbits lately!

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