Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bevin Wins Debate

Matt Bevin out-touched independent candidate Drew Curtis to win tonight's Bluegrass Debate at Bellarmine University. Jack Conway performed poorly and was the clear loser. in third place.

Curtis displayed a sense of humor that was appealing at first but then degenerated into flippancy. That's too bad, because his intellect was impressive. Had Curtis played it straight, he would have won the debate easily. When he was serious -- particularly on the pension crisis -- his answers were thoughtful and well-reasoned.

I could not even recall Curtis's name going into the debate.  I thought he was just a gadfly. It was startling, therefore, to see him out-debate Conway -- a lawyer.  To be sure, expectations for Curtis were low to non-existent going in to the debate.

Conway looked like he was going to throw up.  He sweated more than Richard Nixon.  His color was bad and his usually coiffed hair looked disheveled.  Any time Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was mentioned, Conway kept repeating that he understood that there were passionate feelings on both sides of the issue.

Conway took a few swipes at Bevin's character. He criticized Bevin for not releasing his taxes.  Bevin got an assist from Curtis, who basically said he (Curtis) would not only release his taxes but give tours of his house, that is "who cares?"

Bevin confronted Conway about crying on camera while announcing that he would not appeal the decision that struck down Kentucky's marriage amendment; Conway replied that he just wanted to save the taxpayers money.  As if any Democrat would cry over that!

Conway was asked about the Democrats' lack of response to sexual harassment of women who work in state government in Frankfort.  He replied something about how smart his wife is, and how he has two daughters and even his dog is female.  Embarrassing. Just embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

You can look at it two ways: Bevin won by being slick and making it about social issue foolishness that no intelligent cares about, Kim Davis; or Curtis won by being honest and forthright without slick or diverting from the topic at hand.

Either way Conway lost.