Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thoughts on the Inauguration

President Donald Trump's inauguration felt historic to me and worthy of celebration, so I opted to watch it with a group of women. We toasted him with mimosas and agreed that the moment was meant to be shared. I say this as a counterpoint to the women who took to the streets the next day in their "pussy hats."  Women are not a monolith. Many of us are quite pleased with the outcome of the election. Indeed, Hillary Clinton only won 54 percent of the women's vote.

As for the inaugural speech, it did not strike me as "dark", as the media characterized it. It was a well-written and well-delivered. Trump was matter of fact about the reality that many Americans have been facing for many years. That is his particular gift:  he sees and hears the ordinary man and woman.  He doesn't like what he sees when it comes to the hardships they face -- made worse, in many instances, by government itself.

It was startling to see the president criticize those who were sitting on the podium with him. As I reflected on that, however, it seemed to me as more adult and honorable than the time-honored practice of bashing people behind their backs. Trump is nothing but forthright.

Sen. Chuck Schumer's speech was just bizarre. I was surprised to see him speak at all -- I don't remember that from previous inaugurations. He went on way too long. Neither I nor my friends could figure out what point he was trying to make. Sure, it's poignant to talk about the death of soldier in service to his country. I just couldn't see how that related to Trump's inauguration.

My sons were in the audience and said that the crowd was very polite, with exception of one lout who blew a whistle during the inauguration. Security quickly attended to him.

I commend Hillary Clinton for attending. I cannot imagine how hard that was.

The prayers and readings were a welcome reminder to pray for our new president and our country.  God bless America!

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