Monday, April 24, 2017

POTUS's Kind Surprise

One of my childhood friends, Claudia Tenney, was recently elected to Congress for NY-22.  Claudia is a strong constitutional conservative.

She was at the White House last week as part of an Executive Order signing ceremony, and had a few minutes to visit with President Donald Trump.

Claudia's son, Trey, is an Annapolis graduate scheduled to deploy to Iraq, yesterday I believe. When Trump heard this, he called Trey to thank him for his service and wish him Godspeed.

It was so unexpected. It's true that his mother is a Congresswoman. But she is just one of 435, and a freshman.

Trump's thoughtfulness reveals a side of him not normally portrayed in the mainstream media. There is so much more to him as a person than the left understands. Thankfully, however, the American people get it.

God bless you both, Trey and President Trump.

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