Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Louisville Needs to Pull it Together

The Big Four Bridge -- a source of much pride and enjoyment for Louisville -- became a murder scene last night, Memorial Day.  Four people were shot, and one man has died.

The shootings occurred at 9:30, early enough that many people were enjoying the beautiful weather. After all, Mayor Greg Fisher told us we were supposed to get out and exercise this weekend, specifically, hike, bike and paddle at Waterfront Park.

Now those who go to the bridge to get in their steps as an effort to improve their health have to worry about getting shot.

I am starting to sympathize with those parents who hesitate to allow their children to come downtown. There is no doubt that the violence is increasing, and now it appears that is spreading geographically -- not that it was ever acceptable when its radius was smaller.

The Pegasus Institute has been studying the problem of violence here and solutions that have worked for comparable cities like Cincinnati. They will be releasing their recommendations shortly. I look forward to what they have to say, but remain concerned that the Fisher administration lacks the ability to implement the recommendations.

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