Friday, December 5, 2008

Bizarre Protest Petition Against McConnell

There's a petition going around against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell by a group of "progressives" who don't like the filibuster.

But it's more than just a petition. Perhaps inspired by the Boston Tea Party, these lefties say that if McConnell filibusters anything, they will to pour Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort down the drain, and not buy any more, because Brown-Forman donated to McConnell's campaign.

At least they're not wasting Kentucky Bourbon.


Jeff Noble said...

Bridget --

I appreciate your insights into Kentucky Bourbon.

Rest assured that while I am not a supporter of Senator McConnell's, neither have I signed such a petition, even though I am one of those off-center liberals the right-winged conspiracy fears.

But most importantly, like you, I recognize that by pouring Jack Daniels Whisky down the drain, they are not hurting our beloved Bourbon one bit, except to say they are helping Tennessee's economy by buying the JD in the first place. I cannot comment on Southern Comfort as I have never tasted it.

Although I gave up drinking in 1997, I am known to "have a Bourbon" now and then. I did so famously the night John Yarmuth defeated Anne Northup the first time embibing a great deal of one of Brown-Formans's original products, Old Forester Bourbon, the original bottled bourbon of George Garvin Brown, founded in 1870.

And believe me, the donation of Brown-Forman to the campaign of Senator McConnell will not keep from enjoying a sip or two of Old Forester in the future.

Jeff Noble

BimBeau said...

Seams (sic) to me that it was Ole lipless himself who derided the filabuster as counter-democratic 3 years ago.

As far as I'm concerned the filabuster has a place in the Senate and as long as the Senate has a 3/5th's majority rule we are dealing with a fair-play issue. That said ... some additional Senate rules may be in order. Such as limiting debate to 100 hours of Senate clock-time if the vote to cloture is 55+ or higher. Killing the filabuster would alter the role of the Senate to moderate the Presidents' impetuosity.