Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If the shoe fits... throw it!

By now most have heard about the shoe episode at Bush's recent press conference in Iraq. An irate Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes at Bush during a press conference. Of course, many on the Left think that this was great theatre and a perfect ending to the administration of someone they hate so much.

Actually, the episode was a metaphor for what many of us love about George Bush. First, he reacted quickly to avoid the shoe. It was a good throw and if he had not ducked, it would have hit him square in the face. Not only when threatened by shoes, but also when threatened by terrorists, Bush was quick to react. Secondly, after the episode, Bush was laughing and cutting up, showing that he had not the least bit of fear. He waived off his Secret Service guard and watched in amusement as the wacko journalist was subdued. In the face of much bigger and more serious threats, Bush displayed the same courage.

George Bush made many mistakes, but in doing the most important thing, keeping us safe, he succeeded. The world is a better place because of George Bush. I know that last line will drive liberals into apoplexy, but it is how many who love George Bush still feel.

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