Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Michael Steele Really Said

It's much easier (and more fun!) for Demo-blogs to repeat the lie that RNC Chair Michael Steele said the party's new plan to attract blacks is to offer fried chicken and potato salad.

Listen to the video. As Realclearpolitics notes,

A young gay blogger (who Browning also describes as a person of color) asks Michael Steele about his future plans for the "inclusion of diverse populations in the Republican party."

Steele responds: "My plan is to say, Y'all come. Cause a lot of you are already here."

Steele's response generates some laughter, but off camera you can hear someone (though almost certainly the blogger who asked the question) say, "I'll bring the collard greens."

This generates more laughter among the group, as well as Steele's genial response: "There you go. I got the fried chicken and the potato salad, okay?

Put in it's proper context, Steele's remarks are a far cry from Browning's headline or his assertion that "to lure African-Americans into the GOP, Steele is offering "fried chicken and potato salad."

To be sure, Steele has said some dumb things as RNC Chair. But in this instance, he is being smeared.

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