Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did Eric Holder go to law school?

In response to criticism for having the KSM trial in a civilian court, Eric Holder said that acquittal is not an option. What?!?! Under the U.S. Constitution, acquittal is ALWAYS an option. That is what trials are for. This is law 101. For the highest lawyer in the land to make this statement is amazing.

If KSM gets some bright defense attorneys, as he most certainly will, there will be a real opportunity for them to to get him off on some technicality. How about violation of his Miranda rights for a start? Who knows how clever they can be.

It is unconscionable that a war criminal is being tried in a civilian court, but then unconscionable has become routine under the current regime. I am not sure that anything they do should surprise or shock us anymore.

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