Wednesday, November 11, 2009

McCain Calls a Terrorist a Terrorist

Sen. John McCain, who was in Louisville this Veteran's Day to celebrate the opening of the McConnell-Chao archives, said what many have thought: the shooting rampage at Fort Hood was an act of terror. WHAS has the video. McCain insisted that political correctness must not be allowed to impede national security.

Some argue that the Fort Hood shootings were a crime, perpetrated by a lunatic. To be sure, the tragedy is both a crime and a symptom of madness. That, however, proves too much: any act of terrorism -- including the attacks of 9/11 -- is both a crime scene and the product of insanity. What distinguishes terrorism from a crime is the political motivation of the person pulling the trigger or flying the plane. When, as at Fort Hood, the shooter screams "Allah Hu Akbar," there is no question as to the motivation.