Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Rand Profile: He Admits He'd "Ultimately" Close Gitmo

Reason magazine profiles Rand Paul and the "careful messaging" and "delicate balance" he uses to avoid scaring mainstream Republicans. Clearly, Paul will say anything to win, and as the article makes clear, every time Paul tries to reassure mainstream Republicans, he worries libertarians.

Note this nugget. According to Reason, Paul

would "ultimately" close Gitmo, but not until it is determined what will be done with the prisoners, who he does not want sent to the United States.

Every time Trey Grayson reminds voters that Rand Paul wants to close Gitmo, Paul calls Grayson a liar. And yet in an interview with a libertarian magazine, Paul admits that "ultimately" he wants Gitmo closed.

The profile also suggests that Paul would refuse to fund the Iraq war, which Paul states he would have voted against:

The Rand Paul campaign also uses a somewhat different tone than Ron Paul’s on military spending: “In Rand’s proposed budget, defense spending would represent a larger percentage of the total budget than it does today, while military spending on unnecessary programs and unconstitutional operations would be eliminated.” Says Rand Paul campaign manager David Adams.

"Unconstitutional operations"? That's Paul-speak for Iraq. Regardless of what one thinks about the decision to invade Iraq, we are there now. Our soldiers are in harm's way and the last thing they need is a U.S. Senator who wants to "eliminate[]" "military spending on unnecessary programs and unconstitutional operations."

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