Monday, November 8, 2010

Senator Scott Brown Visits U of L

A guest post by Eric Bush:

Today, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) spoke at the McConnell Center, a scholarship fund set up by Senator McConnell at the University of Louisville to keep bright minds from going out of state for college.

Senator Brown is a very funny man. He joked about his daughters, including one who attends Syracuse and is not very happy with Louisville's football team right now. He also emphasized how impressed he was to meet Coach Petino, even though his time with the Celtics wasn't so great. Senator Brown also highlighted the fact that he had a truck with 216,000 miles repeatedly to help explain that he is an ordinary man, but the main focus of his speech was jobs. He explained that as a senator, he got to travel to some amazing places to meet everyone from poor farmers to kings. When he met them, all they talked about was jobs. In the nine months he has spent as a senator, only 11 days were spent talking about jobs.

He also touched taxes. "I have never voted on raising taxes." said Senator Brown. "I hope the Senate Majority and President will realize that taxes cannot be raised in a recession. People have lived with these tax rates for the last decade. Now, more than ever, what would be the point in raising them?"

"The people were saying 'no' to health care, but they just didn't get the message." he said. Also, he talked about the FDA and the process of approving drugs, and that it takes too long and costs too much money to approve drugs, that drug companies are going off to Europe to get them approved there.

Throughout the speech, he kept picking picking up the paper he wrote his speech on and joking that he never reads his speeches, that he "speaks from the heart." He certainly connected with the students today.

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