Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yarmuth Wants to Give Health Care to Illegals

At yesterday's Bill Clinton rally at U of L, John Yarmuth let slip that he supports giving health care to illegal aliens.

According to the daily rag that passes for a newspaper in Louisville, Yarmuth said "Jack Conway is running against a doctor . . .who says it's not important to insure 50 million more people, that it's not a high priority."

Those who followed the health care debate -- and particularly those who attended a Town Hall -- know that the "50 million uninsured" number includes 9.7 million illegal aliens. Those numbers are not made up by Fox news; those are Census Bureau numbers.

Apparently Yarmuth feels so confident about his reelection that he is not engaging in the liberal ruse that Obamacare should only cover U.S. citizens. Either that, or he thinks that we are too ignorant to actually catch the import of his numbers.

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