Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rand Paul Blasts Bureaucrat

Sen. Rand Paul ripped into a bureaucrat today over government intrusion into consumer choice under the guise of conservation. The bureaucrat, Kathleen Hogan, is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency at the Energy Department.

This video should go viral; it's just great. It really illustrates why the Department of Energy should be abolished.

But as for those portions in which Paul complains that his toilet does not work and requires multiple flushes, I'd say our junior senator has crossed into the realm of Too Much Information. It is funny, however, to watch the aid sitting behind him giggle as he discusses his potty problems.


John Carey said...

I linked to this over at the SENTRY JOURNAL.

Bridget M. Bush said...

Thanks, John. I have added you to the blog roll. I enjoy your emphasis on the Founders.