Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea-phobic Progressives

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is so desperate to win an election that it has staged one: a pick the bumper sticker slogan election.

Apparently this contest is what passes for grass-roots activism among Democrats these days. Or perhaps it's just a way to save money; instead of hiring an ad agency to pick the slogan, the DSCC has farmed out the task.

The "voters" have narrowed the potential bumper sticker down to two slogans:

GOP: It's Not My Cup of Tea

-or -

No Tea For Me, Thanks. I Prefer Progress

Both slogans show that Democrats remain obsessed with the Tea Party. This plays into the Mainstream Media narrative that the Tea Party is a racist horde. It also incorrectly assumes that all Tea Party members are Republicans, when in fact, many are independents who voted for the fiscal conservative candidate in 2010. Most of these candidates were Republicans, but it doesn't necessarily follow that Democrats can't recruit fiscal conservative, libertarian candidates.
In light of two slogans in the run-off, however, it seems that the DSCC has decided to kiss off the Tea Party vote. Big, big mistake.

The second slogan reflects the Democrats clinging to the "progressive" label they have attempted to supplant "liberal." As if voters cannot discern that not much has changed among the Democratic party since Jimmy Carter was president.

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