Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jerry Miller on the Judy Green Case

Metro Council Member Jerry T. Miller, in his weekly e-newsletter, had this to say about Councilwoman Judy Green's case:

Five members of the Louisville Metro Council have delivered a signed petition to the office of the Metro Council Clerk calling for the removal of Councilwoman Green in accordance with Metro Council Rules (Section 10.03) and State Law (KRS 67C.143).

The five members who have chosen to sign this petition are: Government Accountability and Ethics Committee Chairwoman Tina Ward Pugh (District 9) and Vice-Chairman Kevin Kramer (District 11), Majority Caucus Chair Madonna Flood (District 24), Majority Caucus Vice-Chair Barbara Shanklin (District 2) and Councilman Stuart Benson (District 20). These five members have met with legal counsel and agreed 

Now that a petition for removal has been submitted to the office of the President and Metro Council Clerk, the Metro Council is left with the responsibility of establishing procedures for a hearing on the removal. These procedures will help guide this Council and future ones should such a  need occur again.

It is our understanding that the process will take somewhere between 60-90 days to get underway. The timeline is based in accordance with legal standards accepted within the commonwealth, and with a focus on ensuring that Councilwoman Green has a fair and equitable amount of time to prepare for the hearing.

I and my 19 colleagues who are not currently part of either the petition or defense, must take every effort to ensure that there is no pre-judgment on our part. We must begin to review those documents which are already available regarding this petition, but must remember that both those petitioning and Councilwoman Green are to be given the opportunity to present their testimony to the Council as it sits as a court on this matter.

Thank you for your interest and understanding on this matter. I assure you, I take this matter seriously and am focused on conducting a fair and open hearing that is based on the facts presented.

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