Thursday, June 16, 2011

Al Gore Hearts Romney

For those who need another reason to pick a candidate, any candidate but Mitt Romney:  Al Gore has complimented Romney for his wisdom on the environment.

According to the Daily Caller, Gore said of Romney,“While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party.” Gore referred to a Washington Post story about how Romney believes that human activity is causing global warming.

To be sure, Romney would have made a much better president than Barack Obama. He would have made a much better nominee than John McCain. He is a decent, honorable and intelligent.

But if Romney is the Republican nominee -- and all the mainstream media tout polls that supposedly point that direction -- Republicans will lose. We might as well just renominate Bob Dole again. Or McCain. None of these candidates can appeal to Reagan Democrats because they are just not conservative enough.

This is a center-right country and Romney is not a center-right candidate.  Obama modeled Obamacare after Romneycare.  Al Gore thinks Romney gets it on the environment.  And there has been a drumbeat of polls that keep telling us how electable Romney is.  He is not.

If Romney wins the nomination, it is time for a third party.

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