Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking Ahead to KY-4 and Calling Hunter Bates

Few expected Geoff Davis to announce he was retiring from Congress this soon, but there is no surprise at the amount of interest in replacing him.  For Republicans, in particular,  KY-4 is a very attractive district, notwithstanding that Democrats still hold a registration advantage.

Davis's retirement must be causing plenty of East End Republicans to wish they'd moved from Jefferson County to Oldham County.  The voter registration for KY-3,  Jefferson County, makes it so unlikely that a Republican can win that it is a waste of resources to even contribute to a Republican there. Not so in KY-4.

In the inevitable Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District, Hunter Bates would be terriffic.  He is smart, humble, has a very strong faith and great political instincts. And he's a true conservative. He would be an outstanding Congressman.  I hope he runs; he would win and serve his district, Kentucky and the nation with distinction.

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