Friday, December 23, 2011

Mr. One Percent

The Louisville Occupiers are upset because the city has told them that they have to take down their tents at Jefferson Park. The Occupiers have some legitimate grievances, but many of us do not take them very seriously because of their support for Mr. One Percent, Barack Obama. We cannot know for certain, but it is a fairly safe bet that most of the Occupiers voted for Obama and will vote for him again. This is completely irrational in light of their cause.
Who provides the majority of financial support for Obama's political campaigns? Answer: The One Percent. Who did Obama pick his economic team from? Answer: The One Percent. Who benefited most from Obama's bailouts and stimulus spending? Answer: The One Percent. Barack Obama is a poster boy for the One Percent. It is their interests that he is most committed to protecting. It is beyond understanding how the Occupiers cannot see what is so clear.
If the Occupiers are serious, job number one is getting rid of Barack Obama. Until they support that, the rest of the 99 percent cannot take them seriously.

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