Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glad Iowa is Over

My disgust with this Republican field is such that it has become hard to even pay attention to Iowa. Sure, any of those candidates would be better than Obama.

The Republican track record of nominating "moderates," however, alarms me, because this is no ordinary election.  Tthe electoral fates of  Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain suggest that if Mitt Romney is the nominee, Obama will be reelected.  The Rasmussen poll says otherwise, but history is a better predictor than polling.

If Obama is reelected, I am not sure that we can ever recover as a country. American cannot endure four more years of narcissistic incompetence and hedonistic class warfare. 

Consider the percentage of Americans who pay no taxes:  with another term of an Obama presidency, will anyone be surprised to see that number pass 50 percent?  It's close now -- 42 percent; another four more years and we may well cross the threshold of the point where more people get money from the government than pay money to it.  There will be more takers than producers. And the takers will have the votes to demand ever more government, funded by the producers. 

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