Monday, January 16, 2012

Jon Huntsman Sulks Away

I must admit I was startled to hear that Jon Huntsman had quit the race. I had forgotten he was still in it. The tone of his calling-it-quits speech reminded me of why his candidacy was so off-putting. On the one hand, he seemed like such an elitist, showing off in the debates by speaking Chinese. On the other hand, he whined about the meanness of the other candidates and the coarseness of the process . . . all the while attacking the other candidates.

There was also the problem of ideology; Huntsman is at best a moderate. He probably would have done quite well in a Dmocratic primary. Republicans should welcome candidates with a wide variety of philosophies. That's how we develop and refine the ideas that become our platform. Huntsman, however, added no new ideas, neither good nor bad. Herman Cain gave us 9-9-9. Ron Paul has made us focus on the Fed. Mitt Romney, heaven help us, gave us Romneycare. Jon Huntsman just took up space on the debate stage tonight.

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