Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warming Up to Mitt

Could it be cognitive dissonance?  I am starting to actually embrace the candidacy of Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee. For me, the turning point has been his unapolgetic defense of capitalism. We need  this at a time of class warfare; it is the perfect foil to Obama's Politics of Envy.

And I am starting to appreciate Romney's demeanor, particularly when contrasted with Obama or Rick Santorum -- both of whom grate on my nerves with their sniveling and whining. It is true, to a large extent, that who we vote for is influenced by who we want to listen to in our living rooms every night for the next four to eight years.  As much as I admire Rick Santorum's character, intellect and defense of the unborn, the shrillness of his personality and lack of self-deprecating humor are just too similar to Obama.

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