Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kentucky's Primary May Matter

One consequence of Newt's win last night in South Carolina is that the primary season will drag on, maybe until the Kentucky primary in May. We may have a chance to pick the nominee for a change, or at least influence the outcome.

Maybe we will even get our own debate. Who would moderate? Joe Arnold would be good. Then we could have some sanctimonious jerk or other from the Courier-Journal for Newt to smack down. That would be hilarious. I foresee a standing ovation.

I have not seen much of a Newt presence in Kentucky, other than some spontaneous comments in Facebook. Romney, on the other hand, has been raising money and building connections here for five years. He held a fundraiser in Kentucky just this past November. Establishment Republicans in Kentucky have bee gravitating to Romney for months, as well, so it would not take much for him to set up a ground game to get out the vote.

The challenge for Newt would be to mobilize the Tea Party. That will not be possible so long as Ron Paul remains in the race. Given his son's popularity here, Ron Paul has a real shot at winning Kentucky.

We may not have many delegates, but a Kentucky primary is guaranteed to entertain.

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