Friday, April 20, 2012

Dems Unfair to the Fairer Sex

This woman has courage, but you won't see any feminists coming to her side.  Kristine Svinicki is a Commissioner on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the only female Commissioner. Here's where she strayed from the National Organization for Women's reservation:  Svinicki is also a Republican and a whistle blower.  Svinicki -- joined with other NRC Commissioners, including Democrats -- has called out the unconscionable conduct of NRC  Chair Gregory Jaczko, who actually is waging a war on women at the NRC.  And now Harry Reid and company are trying to retaliate against Svinick by stonewalling her renomination.

Kimmberly Strassel has must-read, The Democratic War on One Woman, in today's Wall Street Journal:

By the fall of last year, all four of the NRC's Republican and Democratic commissioners had revolted. With unprecedented unity, they sent a letter to the White House relating their "grave concerns" that the "erratic" Mr. Jaczko was running the place like a despot. He'd ordered staff to withhold information from them, intimidated personnel into altering recommendations, and overridden the will of the majority.

If that weren't enough, at a December House hearing the four commissioners went on to describe a man with a vicious management style. Ms. Svinicki told of Mr. Jaczko's "continued outbursts of abusive rage, directed at subordinates." Democratic Commissioner George Apostolakis described Mr. Jaczko's "bullying and intimidating behavior toward NRC's career staff."

But it was William Magwood, Mr. Jaczko's other fellow Democrat, who related the chairman's penchant for going after women. He spoke of women staffers who had been "reduced to tears" by "the chairman's extreme behavior" and of his "raging verbal assaults."  . . . .

Here's how Harry Reid has treated Svninicki for having the temerity to speak up for herself

Mr. Reid has been trashing the only female NRC commissioner, falsely accusing Ms. Svinicki of being soft on safety and having "lied" to Congress in past testimony. The White House, having looked initially to back Mr. Reid, has since sniffed political danger and late this week said it would send up her nomination papers.

If only she'd been a Democrat talking about birth control.

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