Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney Visits Kentucky

Mitt Romney grows on you. That was apparent from the enthusiasm for his visit to Kentucky. He just wrapped up a fundraiser at the Anchorage home of John and Annette Schnatter. Even though the ticket price was steep -- $1000 a head minimum -- the turnout looked quite high.

More interesting was the buzz in the neighborhood. Children waved to the motorcade and even a few former Obama supporters drove by to see if they could catch a glimpse.

Many conservatives expressed regret that they could not go to this event, but seemed much more enthusiastic about Romney and his prospects than they did a few months ago.

This change in attitude about Romney cannot be attributed just to the implosion and withdrawal of his rivals.

There is something about Romney that makes one warm to him over time. After three years of Obama's petulance, Romney seems mature -- steady and optimistic. After Obama's class warfare, Romney refreshes with his refusal to be shamed for his success, for his consistent defense of hard work and free enterprise.

Maybe it's because Derby is drawing near; that puts Kentuckians in a good mood. Still, I sense a growing enthusiasm that Romney might win.

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Ralinda said...

Last week we were in D.C. looking at presidential portraits and Richard mischievously asked another museum visitor where they were going to put Romney's portrait. Much more socially acceptable than him chanting, "No you can't."