Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ashley Chickens Out

So how long before John Yarmith starts recruiting George Clooney?

I am not surprised that  she blinked.  When Bill Clinton started counseling Allison Lundergren Grimes, it was inevitable that Ashley would come up with some pretext about how now is not the time.

Interesting that She Who Called Breeders Unconsciounable chose "family' as her reason for not running. Maybe she is going to give her sister some emergency dance lessons.  Wynonna,, in case you missed it, is on Dancing With the Stars.  I had to google her to ascertain that she is Ashley's sister, not her mother.

I thought Ashley faced daunting odds going up against Mitch McConnell.  Turning Wynonna into a dancer, however, will be even harder.

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