Thursday, April 11, 2013

C-J Gives Thanks For McConnell's Bugging

The Courier-Journal selectively focuses on what was said in Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's private campaign strategy session. This is the C-J's way of ignoring the fact that someone illegally taped the meeting, and the implications of that ugly tactic.

 The C-J editorial plays this shell game with phrases like "the McConnell recording, regardless of its origin . . . ."  (Emphasis added.).

The editorial ends with the C-J begging someone, anyone to run against McConnell:

"Given what they know, thanks to the recording, who is going to want to play Sen. McConnell in high-stakes Whac-a-Mole?

But someone must step right up." (Emphasis added.)

That is, the C-J never condemns the illegal recording of a private citizen who happens to be the highest ranking Republican in the country.

To the contrary, the editorial board actually expresses appreciation: "thanks to the recording."  That not only endorses the illegal and slimey conduct of whoever made the tape, but implicitly eggs other "progressives"to do the same.

This is the same paper that fired conservative columnist John David Dyche when he had the temerity to suggest that the C-J livestream its editorial meetings:

The Courier-Journal not only demands, but often litigates to ensure, full and open public disclosure of meetings and records of government bodies.  It should apply the same standard to itself given the prominent role the press proclaims for itself in the political process.  So live stream the meetings of editors and reporters and post the written communications and directives between them regarding assignments, policies, and stories. 

This hypocrisy on the part of the C-J is nothing new.  Privacy rights are all at the rage with the Left when it comes to their  social agenda.  Just not for conservatives discussing how to beat them.   

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Kirsti said...

Well said Bridget! I just wonder how many more obvious double-standards we have to endure before
this is getting very discouraging...