Monday, April 22, 2013

Lord, Protect Us From Democrats....

The political affiliations of recent mass murderers is quite telling:

Fort Hood Killer:  Registered Democrat
Columbine Killers:  Too young to vote but families registered Democrats
Virginia Tech Killer:  Wrote hate mail to President Bush (probably just a disgruntled Republican)
Colorado Theater Killer:  Registered Democrat
Newtown Killer:  Registered Democrat
Boston Killers:  Too soon to know but bet we can guess...

Wonder how the mainstream media missed these connections?  Guess anything goes as long as you are on the team.  If these people had been Republicans do you think we would know about it?  As Sarah Palin would say: "You betcha!"

The mainstream media would have us believe that it is all those crazed Bible thumping, gun owning Republicans that are the problem.  Maybe before the Democrats work on gun control, they ought to work on controlling their own.

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