Sunday, April 14, 2013

Courier-Journal Replaces He Who Must Not Be Named

Beware  passive writers. Sometimes, that passiveness is a sign of laziness and weak writing skills. Sometimes it is a tool of obfuscation.

Take Pam Platt's column today, in which she unveils "3 Conservative Voices."  Note her defensiveness.  "Recently the Courier-Journal Forum section found itself without a local conservative  columnist."

Found itself?   It is as if this is Peru and the Shining Path spirited him away.

She asserts that the previous columnist "voluntarily vacated" his column, but neglects to note that he quit after she refused to run his column -- a column that criticized the C-J and pointed out its hypocrisy.

Note that she never uses John David Dyche's name.

She boasts about replacing him with three columnists: "For those of you who are keeping score, that's more." Apparently she thinks conservative readers cannot add very well.

For those who care about identity politics, she has replaced one white male with three white males. The best way to fight the opposition is to diffuse its voices and lengthen the time between each columnist's turn on the editorial pages. That's a pity, because -- no offense to the other two gentlemen -- I'd like to read Scott Jennings every week.

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Anonymous said...


I have been pushing you for what i thought was going to be a conservative blog at the CJ. I thought i had Wes Jackson convinced. He ashed for names and links to content.

Oh well, maybe another day.

Mike DiGiuro