Friday, April 12, 2013

Bugged by Non-News....

The most outrageous thing about the McConnell bugging scandal, beyond the illegality of it, is that Progress Kentucky and Mother Jones Magazine felt that the content of the bugged conversation was newsworthy.

McConnell and his staff had no conversations that George Bush or Harry Reid or Paul Ryan or Barack Obama haven't had a hundred times before.  Politicians are always talking in back rooms about strategies and attack points about their opposition.  They discuss things all the time which are not for public consumption, as we all do in our families, businesses and other organizations.  When we have these conversations, we do not expect someone we don't know to be listening in.

If Progress Kentucky had overheard a plot by McConnell to assassinate Ashley Judd, THAT would have been news.  What they relayed to Mother Jones Magazine wasn't even remotely newsworthy.  It is shameful that Progress Kentucky reported it and shameful that Mother Jones Magazine printed it.  The people at Progress Kentucky should be prosecuted for their illegal acts, but beyond that, the content of McConnell's conversation is a non-event.

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