Monday, April 22, 2013

Grimes Met With Progress KY Founder

The prospect of Alison Lundergan Grimes running against Mitch McConnell looks less and less likely.  Buzz Feed has revealed that Grimes met with Shawn Reilly, one of the two Progress Kentucky founders being investigated by the FBI for bugging a McConnell strategy session.

Grimes met with Reilly in February 2011 while she was running for Secretary of State.

Reilly, helpful sort that he is, not only endorsed Grimes -- he tweeted a picture of the two of them.  In the unlikely event that Grimes runs, look for Team Mitch to have some fun with that photo. It will make a nice collage along with the photo of Reilly's big meeting at the White House, just months before Progress Kentucky tweeted its racist comments about Elaine Chao.

Given Reilly's propensity for having his picture taken with prominent Democrats, there must be more.  I imagine Jack Conway, Steve Beshear and all their cohorts are desperately trying to remember if they've had their picture taken with Reilly.

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