Friday, April 19, 2013

KYProgress: Gift That Keeps Giving

One of the Kentucky Progress dudes alleged to have illegally bugged Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign meeting just can't stay out of the news. Not even an FBI investigation shuts him up.

Curtis Morrison is still blogging and tweeting his progressive little heart out.  According to Joe Arnold, Morrison wrote:

"Am I a threat to @Team_Mitch?" Morrison asks on Twitter, referring to McConnell's re-election campaign.  "His campaign commercials suggest some fear. Someone do some polling?"

Morrison's relentless pursuit of defeating McConnell is very good news for Team Mitch.

Indeed, so damaging has Kentucky Progress been to the Dem's effort to unseat McConnell that some progressives have suggested that Kentucky Progress must be a McConnell plant. Talk about evil genius!

 That was before the Daily Caller revealed that the other Kentucky Progress dude, Shawn Reilly, was a delegate to the Democrat National Convention and had a meeting at the White House last December.

Much as the Dems might like to disown Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, they are Democratic operatives.

And Morrison makes clear that he is not going anywhere (except maybe a federal prison).  Until then, he is going to help the cause.

Here's where Morrison is making a big impact:  candidate recruitment.

Thanks to Kentucky Progress, there is a real possibility that no top-tier candidate will file against McConnell.

Why, for example, would Alison Ludergan Grimes take on McConnell -- which is a tough race under the best of circumstances -- when crack-pots like Morrison stand ready to "help," whether she likes it or not?

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