Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's Support the Republican Nominees

Matt Bevin was not my first choice. But I have no doubt that he would be a much better governor than Jack Conway.  At last week's Jefferson County Lincoln Day Dinner, Bevin gave an outstanding speech.  Amidst a group of strong speeches, he stood out. Apparently he did that at Lincoln Day dinners across the state.

Bevin was a much-improved candidate this time, compared to his run against Mitch McConnell.  Whoever has been coaching him has added a polish and discipline that was not there previously.  He is telegenic and articulate. I like what he says on the issues.

 Many of us feel like we don't know Matt Bevin. And yet when I see his family, I can't help but smile. It takes a certain selflessness to adopt that many kid; I know at least that much about him, and it's a good start.

I am really excited about Bevin's running mate, Janeen Hampton, What a compelling life story. She  illustrates how conservative principals empower people to escape poverty. She gave a great speech last night and I look forward to hearing much more from her.  

Here's my unsolicited advice for Bevin. Having chosen to become the standard-bearer for the Kentucky Republican Party, Bevin would be well-served to show some respect to the man who made Kentucky a two-party state:  Mitch McConnell.  Bevin's willingness to do that will determine whether McConnell Republicans merely vote for him or go further -- write checks and walk precincts. It's time for a McConnell-Bevin Bourbon Summit.

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