Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Benefits of Seniority

This illustrates why it was so important for Kentucky to reelect Mitch McConnell.  I have a client whose business is heavily dependent on Medicare reimbursement.  Recent federal legislation to fix the rates for physicians had the unintended effect of delaying reimbursement for my client. As the delay dragged on, the cash flow for his business dried up to the point that he could not meet payroll. He was going to have to close his business. Two hundred jobs in a very poor part of the state were jeopardized,

My client reached out to McConnell's office and within two days, a high-ranking official from CMS had called in response. The situation has now been resolved.

Any U.S. Senator would have tried to help a constituent in this manner.  The fact that Kentucky's U.S. Senator is Majority Leader, however, allowed my client to get the relief he needed in two days.  When was the last time you heard of anything getting done that fast in Washington?

McConnell's seniority saved two hundred Kentuckians from losing their jobs. We are so, so fortunate to have Mitch as our senator.

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Anonymous said...

And maybe now that it's turned out the Heiner "splash" strategy didn't work, Mitch will be better behaved going forward? One can only hope... ;-)