Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Take on the "Unity" Dinner

Fascinating how two people can attend the same event and perceive it so differently.  I blogged previously about one friend's take on the Lincoln Day "Unity" Dinner. (Scroll down.)  Today, I heard a different take from another friend.

This Republican described the crowd's reaction as "polite."  "People clapped and stood at the appropriate times."  He thought the Bevin video on McConnell was funny but too late. A year too late. At this point, he viewed it as useless.

The crowd struck him as subdued for a state-wide Lincoln Day dinner in an election year. He said many privately expressed angst about Bevin's nomination.

For the down-ticket races, however, he sensed considerable enthusiasm. My friend speculated that Alison Ball and Whitney Westerfield will be the beneficiaries of money and volunteer time that normally would be directed to the top of the ticket.  His sense was that although everyone or nearly everyone who attended the dinner will vote for Bevin in November, for many Republicans, that will not extend to giving Bevin time, talent and treasure.

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