Monday, June 22, 2015

Yarmuth Announces He Will Seek Reelection

Congressman John Yarmuth has been telling people for some time that he would run again. Still, I am a little surprised. Yarumuth has to be increasingly frustrated as the House has become increasingly Republican. He has more seniority but less influence.

As a practical matter, unless JCPS does something dramatic to turn around public schools in Jefferson County, those families who are Republican( or independent but lean conservative) will continue to make their homes in Oldham County.

As a result, I see little point in Republicans even fielding a candidate to challenge Yarmuth. The voter registration gap is insurmountable as things now stand. The presence of a Republican on the ballot just forces Yarumuth to gear up his GOTV operation, which hurts other Republicans (say, in Metro Council races) who might otherwise be competitive.

The reality is that we are stuck with Yarmuth for another term.

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