Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dumbest Ad Ever

The Kentucky Democratic Party is running an ad against candidate for Attorney General Whitney Westerfield that is far and away the stupidest political ad I've ever seen.

Ostensibly it's about Westerfield's record as an assistant commonwealth attorney. In reality, it is an assault on his manhood because he gets an occasional pedicure.  That's supremely hypocritical, coming from the party that claims to be all about inclusiveness and tolerance for every iteration of lifestyle.

Democrats brought us the Metrosexual; a dude can't get much more Metrosexual than getting a pedicure.

Any ad that includes close up shots of a man's feet is just wrong on so many levels.  Feet are gross. Male feet are particularly gross, pedicure or not. That's why "mandals" are never a good idea.

Voters didn't need to know that Westerfield gets pedicures. It is too much information. They will not reward the Democrats for the revelation.

For Democrats to comment on someone's choice of personal grooming shows how weak on substantive ideas that party has become. They are utterly vacuous.

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